Sonnet Elizabeth Olsen

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by.   In 2000 my roommates introduced me to worshiping through the creative arts.  I was not familiar with this but decided to give it a try.  We put some music on and laid out cardboard on the carpet and prayed and began to worship with the paint.  We focused our attention on listening and imagining God and through this I began to find a peace I had never known in my mind.  I breathed deep and having never painted, some how I knew what to do with the brush and paint.  We had permission from ourself to just play and have fun.  All the pressure to perform was removed.  This began to really awaken my heart to this mystery of Gods presence and how beautiful and refreshing it was to meet Him in the place of the creative arts.  He began healing places in my heart and revealing how He see's me and who He really is.  His love became real to me the more I spent with Him.  God drew me in and romanced my heart back to life.